Saturday, 22 December 2007

"Anti-social" :-(

So here I am once again writing all the utter crap that comez into my head.
I spent the evening walking around outside (zombie-walking az uzual) eating chocolate and then I finally decided to go home but there was this person on the second floor playing the drumz and I could here it from below so I just stood there for sometime listening to him/her play. Whoever it waz waz really doing a good job. Hell I don't even know my neighbourz. Thing iz I don't go out a lot. I'm the type of person who just avoidz people for no apparent reason. Anti-social I guess. I'm generally averse to the idea of meeting new people. I just try to avoid meeting people, talking to them. I guess I seem unfriendly that way. But then again as far az I know people don't exactly hate me or anything. I guess I'm just stupid about this. You know, staying away from people and all that. I used to be really really shy earlier but I realized I'm not that bad now. Though I still avoid people. Hell. I don't know how I'll survive if I keep trying to stay away from everything.
But then I'm pretty happy. I don't need to have a whole load of friendz. I don't need to be popular. I don't need to be a social figure going to parties and stuff everywhere. I don't need a boyfriend. I don't need to dress like a model to get noticed.
People will accept me for what I am and if they don't itz their problem.

I hate all the artificiality everywhere.
I'm realizing I've learnt a lot.....
Life iz full of maskz...everything iz hidden...everything. You never know what will happen. You will never really know what people are like. You will never know whom to trust. You will never really know the reason for everything that happens. You will never be able to hide thingz forever....

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