Friday, 4 January 2008

New Year!!

So 2008 iz finally here. Not that I'd been waiting for it particularly. But itz new year and all that so wer're all suppozed to be really excited and stuff so...Happy New Year!. Blah.
I don't know...I don't like the number 8 somehow. I mean I like 7 much better. 7's really nice. :-)
Not that 8 iz that bad. Itz more a fat and cute type. What I really hate are 6 and 9. They're too ordinary. So iz 8. Very ordinary. 7 iznt ordinary. If you get what I mean. Though you obvisouly didn't. Hah. But anyway I like seven. :-)

Naaah...just because 8 iz too ordinary and I don't like it much doesn't mean 2008 iz gonna suck. :P

I guess itz kinda late now, but 2007 waz a pretty nice and eventful year for me so I'd like to look back. Though itz sad I can't write everything I'd like to coz lotz of people I know read my blog. ;)

Well....January. I was supposed to be buried in bookz studying for ICSE but I ruddy well wazn't. Damn I still can't fathom how I got through ICSE! I spent half my dayz on orkut and the other half sleeping, dreaming, chatting on the phone and looking into the fridge to see if there was anything to eat and eating it if there waz and stomping around the house creating pandemonium and shouting about how I would starve to death before ICSE if there wazn't. And then there were those mock tests at summit which succesfully tested our ability to use the question papers as origami and throw paper planes and boatz at the invigilatorz. :D

February....One month to ICSE....Well, I don't really rememer what I did in feb and nothing major really happened so blah. :P

March - ICSE. I had the time of my life. :P

April.....Well, that waz the real beginning. Beginning of class 11. Beginning of new discovery. Beginning of a lot of lessonz and I don't just mean physics and chemistry and stuff. I think I really started blogging properly in april. I liked it. And I still like it.

June....Some of the greatest fun I've had...Parties every other day...meeting new people, making friendz..

July...I think it waz then that I started really writing poetry.

August...I'd say this was the most eventful month of the year. Maybe the most eventful month of my life. My birthdayz in august! :)


Ok I'm gettin bored. :P
And I don't feel like deletin the stuff I wasted so much time on. :P

OK I'm getting bored of typing so I'll put my resolutionz in the next post. :P

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atul said...

amazing...but a lot of people could already guess what the following months were like...
and yeah thanks for stopping it right there, because you were not the only one who was bored:p