Thursday, 24 January 2008


i quite like this weather. i quite like the cold. makes me feel very ALIVE somehow. even when the windz biting you and you're half freezing. even when your nose is so cold it could fall off. even when you're handz are so white and cold you cant feel a thing.
winter is beautiful. everything is so serene.
i love it when its dark outside. and cold. i like deserted places. i like long empty paths with lots of trees.
well, i've started talking about random thingz again. not that it matterz to me. :P
i never have anything fixed in mind when i come to blog. there are times i plan out my posts meticulously but then when i login i don't feel like writing the stuff i thought i would and i just end up typing random thingz. acutally i forget what i waz actually going to write. :P[sorry i had to interrupt the continuity but Smashing Pumpkins is an amazing band AND they have a girl bassist. mwhahahahaha. girl power!!]

i think i've grown up a lot. i mean, now i kinda realize i'm more mature than a lot of other people and thatz a nice thought. and over the past year i've learnt a bit about how to survive. i've learnt that in the end you'll have to do it all alone....i've learnt how bloody rare actual friendz are. i've learnt that people get nowhere without self-respect. there are people who don't know when to get out of thingz. i hate people who hang around where they bloody well know they're not needed. mean thing to say i know. well, a lot of times itz like it would be better off without a certain person, not because you don't like them but because they'll feel completely out of place there. but more often, people just hang around even of they have nothing to do or say.

well i had a lot more utter crap to write but my dadz shooing me off the computer so i gotta go.

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