Monday, 21 January 2008


I wonder how I'm going to survive in society. greatest fear...people.....
No. I didn't mean PEOPLE.
I bore people so much I wonder why they ever even talk to me. I wonder why I have friendz actually. I wonder why people don't hate me. People should be avoiding me, the way I behave. I can never make friendz. Why the hell do I have to be so shy and awkward around everyone all the time? ALL THE TIME irrespective of whether I know the people or not. I can write well but why cant I talk? I write so much of utter crap all the time but why cant I talk crap when I'm needed to? I think so much but how is it that I never have anything to say?
I hate the way I avoid people without any reason whatsoever.
I like being alone a lot. Rather more than normal and thatz just plain wierd. Itz almost every day. I've gotten so used to solitude I actually like it but when I really HAVE to go around with people I just get so fed up after a while. Every time, every single time, I'm the only one who'z completely quiet. I'm the only one who never has anything to say. All I do iz just listen to other people saying thingz and laugh at their jokes and smile occassionally, but I never say anything myself. The best place for me to live would be outer space.
I wish I was more mature like other people. I wish I could handle everything properly like everyone around me.
I'm beginning to wonder how long people will be able to stick to me...
But I'm happy with the few friendz I have coz they're really good onez.
I don't bloody care about anything anymore. I've given up bothering about thingz. I never learn.
I wonder if I'll ever grow up....
I guess I should stop writing crap now...I've got a chemistry practical test tomorrow. Yuck. I've got to get the damn Kreb'z cycle into my head. I wonder why the hell I want to study biochemistry. Itz gonna be HELL!! :-O


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Ricardo Bolstein said...

AAH Cribbbing seems reminds me of the poetry of the blues..A sort of reprise from ANti-social, this song just reflects the mentality which most of us harbour towards the public..The ones who have not yet opened the windows of their minds and let in the light of tomorrw..Maybe the eternal depression of being alone in the ground will always haunt us.May be we are the only ones who are dare to think DIFFERENTLY!