Sunday, 23 August 2009


We couldn't have gotten a better freshers party. Really. And I NEVER imagined more than half the chemistry department were PRO DANCERS!

So freshers was fun. And I guess that after about 2 months, it really sunk in that I'm supposed to belong here. Somehow yesterday we were united by this sense of comradeship. It was inevitable I guess, but it was like magic. For the girls I guess fter going through the common ordeal of wearing a sari the whole day with frequent trips to the girls common room, it happens. And in general, the rest of the department made sure that all the ice was broken, not just with the seniors but within the class too. And the best part was that even though we were asked to do all kinds of things we cringed at the thought of, most of us were sporting enough to give it all our best and it was really a blast that way. We were all shocked into shedding our inhibitions about everything and for those who didnt, well too bad for them! I mean, its natural to be embarrassed but I think its worse if you crib and make a big fuss about it and spoil it for everyone. Its all for fun after all!

The performances were awesome and after our paper dancing contest was over, the second years gave the most brilliant demostration of how to paper dance! "Impossible is nothing!" :P. They found space to actually dance where none of us could even find space to keep our feet :P.

And in the end we all got to dance our heads off and I guess the way we were jumping around we'd forgotten we were wearing saris. Loud music, lasers, smoke, glitter and we forgot everything except the fact that we could move. The second and third years joined too. It was crazy and we loved every bit of it. It was sort of like being drunk, you dont know what you're doing and you dont remember much afterwards. It wouldn't be bad if we could have these sort of parties once in a while, because sometimes its important to forget reality[example: our midsem exams in 3 weeks :-( ] for a while and just let our hair down and have fun.
And it doesnt matter if you cant dance for nuts(like me) because no one really notices! :D

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