Saturday, 4 August 2007

The Zomby and The Witch

This is a 'friendship day special' post.

'Against my will I stand beside my own reflection,
It's so haunting, How I can't seem
to find myslef again, my walls are closing in...'

The Zomby seemed like any other normal person....

The Witch looked and looked...and saw a reflection of herself staring back at her. She could see the image of herself in Zomby. And she knew Zomby saw her too. The same smile, the same mad glint, the same pain in her eyes...... The same laugh, the same scream, the same thoughts, the same feelings...
And that was the beginning of a blasting friendship.

Zomby is one of my best friends. She is my greatest secret keeper. She is about the only person who really understands me well, someone I can always depend on no matter what,someone I have stood by and someone who I know will stand by when the sky comes falling down. We have so much in common - we talk, laugh and think in the same way. We're even wierd in almost the same way! Really makes me think we must've been twins in our previous lives. ;)
She is my fellow-gossipper, advisor, counsellor, fashion consultant, fellow pschyco/wierdo and partner in crime. We complement each other.
We're the wierd sisters.

Thank you for all the great advice you've ever given me. Thank you always being there to listen to my endless crappy talks, and thanks for listening to my crappy advice. :P
From the non-stop phone conversations about love and life and its complexities to screaming at each other to study before exams, from laughing our heads off for god-knows what to crying our hearts out......'Sophisticated bitching' and 'sophisticated kaora' and 'sophisticated flirting'.. YEAH!!

We rock!!

Thankz a lot buddy!!
Heil the Zomby and the Witch forever!!