Sunday, 5 August 2007

Don't you feel..?

I hoped to see light again
But I've lost all hope now
I wished the sun would rise again
But for me, it'll always be dark

I wish I were still numb
I wish I couldn't feel
I wish the pain would go
I wish these wounds would heal

I've done all I could
I can say no more
Why do you hurt me like this?

Can't you see what you've done?
What are you, can't you feel?
Can't you see what you've done to me?
Are you blind to the pain?
Cold to the heart you've slain?
What have you become?
Why did you change?

Why did you change...

An end to my insanity
Is too much to hope for
I don't know why you did this
I don't know why you still do this

I know I've made mistakes
I try to set things right again
But you want to dwell in your old, cold world.
And I'm the one to blame

Can't you see?
Can't you feel?
All I want is the end
All I want is the old you, back again....

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