Saturday, 25 August 2007

Dreams are real.

Dreams do come true.

So this is the first time I'm writing a story like this. In fact, its the first time I'm posting any story at all.

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They both were walking down a crowded street. She took a deep breath. "Can I talk to you?", she asked him, pulling him to the side. He was wearing a brownish hooded jacket with a dragon on it.
"*blah/blah/blah/blah*.. and then SJ said she'd made a big mistake ever agreeing to go out with him....yeah, what were you saying??"
She looked into his eyes for a second and looked away again. He looked too. "...I think I've fallen in love with you..."


She sat up in bed, shaking uncontrollably. The seeming reality of her dream scared her. She rubbed her eyes - her face was wet. Completely wet. It had seemed so real. So real....
She went into the bathroom and looked at the reflection of her tear stained face. She cried some more. She thought about the dream. Maybe it would come true. The question was when.
She realized thoughts such as these had been lurking in the depths of her subconsious mind. She'd never conciously thought of them.

Maybe it's high time....high time I did this, she thought. But I don't think I'm ready for it, she thought as she washed her face.
Dreams happen for a reason. Maybe this was a signal, that this was the right time.
She'd been waiting forever. Atleast it seemed like forever.
But the decision she made terrified her. How it would happen was the question...
She thought of her best friend ZY...she would always be there to help. ZY would be the happiest person ever to see this.

The busy day passed. Her mind was too occupied with life's mundane details to be able to think of her dream. Something she was grateful for. It seemed so trivial now.

She met them in the evening and told ZY about her dream, even though, at the moment it didn't really seem too important.
"We're gonna make it come true", said ZY. "Today".
"TODAY!!??? What???? I can't, I can't possibly do this!!"
"Its high time girl.....You've been in the dark too long....I'll make it happen. Today.", said ZY.
"Lets see what happens", she said.
And she realized what ZY said was true. She'd been hiding too long. She wanted to get over with it. She tried to plan it out but her mind wouldn't let her think about it.

She looked over at him. He wasn't wearing the same shirt he was in her dream. It was his usual black, not brown. Maybe it wasn't her day, she thought. ZY saw her looking and smiled.
They fooled around as usual. Joking, laughing, cursing the teacher...there wasn't any time for serious thought. She didn't want the serious thought.

They were invited to ZY's house that day. She told ZY again, "I don't see how I'm gonna do this."
"My terrace is magical. Believe me...something is going to happen today..."
"I hope..", she said.

She thought silently. She thought of everything they had been through together. All the times he'd stood by her. All the times he'd confided in her. All the fun they'd had together. All the intese feeling, that had appeared she didn't know when. She didn't realize she was so much in love. ZY was the one who made her realise.
She remembered the past few weeks. It had been a crazy ride. Pain, sorrow, insanity and then an overwhelming happiness. She'd felt it all. And ZY had been through it all with her.

She realized, at that moment, that this was what she really wanted.

She knew from experience that things can never be planned. They just happen. So for once, she didn't plan. She went with the flow, enjoying every moment of the mad fun they always had, just like everyone else.

There they were, at ZY's house. He didn't want to go up to the terrace, but she and ZY managed to drag him up there.
ZY was right.

It was beautiful. She looked up at the cloudy black sky. It was so peaceful, so serene. There were clouds so she couldn't see all the stars. They could see the whole city from up there - the lights from all the houses around made up for the starless sky. The golden moon seemed to smile down at them. They felt at one with the heavens. Here they were, at a place they could forget everything and just be themselves....

The three of them stood , looking out at the dark stretch of trees that never seemed to end. He and ZY stood on either side of her, chatting away. Something about the atmosphere made her unable to speak.

She stood there silently, looking down outside. Thinking. ZY knew what. ZY knew why. He didn't. Or maybe he did....
She tried to say something but she couldn't. She seemed to be lost in another world. She could just feel them standing next to her. And she knew they'd always be there...
"Hey, how come you're so quiet all of a sudden"?, he asked. She shook her head. He knew her well enough.
"She's thinking again. She thinks a lot sometimes...", he said. ZY didn't say anything. But she saw the tears in her eyes.

She didn't know where the tears came from. But there they were, rolling down her face. ZY hugged her. ZY knew. "What's the matter?" he asked. She shook her head again.
She was crying. She couldn't stop the tears. She cried not because of the pain, but because the pain was leaving her. Its was going - she'd be happy now.
He put his arms around her. She couldn't see, she could hear nothing but her sobs. She could just feel close. And they didn't want to let go. That was the closest she'd ever been to anyone. She felt ZY's arm around her too.

She cried and cried her heart out. She had never cried this way before. Never. No one had ever seen her cry. He held her close and stroked her hair. She couldn't stop...
"Don't cry....tell me what happened"..
He was wet with her tears.
"Go on..." said ZY.
She tried to speak. It was the most difficult thing she had ever done in her life. She gathered all her courage, every little bit of determination she had.
And she knew she was ready.
Shee looked up at him for a second. The one person she loved with all her heart, the one person she could give up everything for, the one she saw when she closed her eyes, the insane feeling wouldn't leave. But her tears and her messed up hair wouldn't let her see.
".....I've fallen in love with you..."
The world seemed to break apart. The angels surrounded them, filling the air with their ethereal light, invisible to all but them. It all felt so peaceful, but so intense....the emotions can't be expressed in words. She was happier than she'd ever been in her life. She cried for joy. And she knew he was smiling. Maybe he'd known all along...
She could feel nothing else. She could feel him hugging her, and nothing else mattered.
ZY too had tears in her eyes. "I'm so happy for you - "...she hugged them both.

"But I wish I'd told him.....", said ZY, as she began to cry too. Love is painful.
"You two are so lucky....I wish I'd told him.....We'd been up her so many times but I never had the courage to tell he's gone....gone.....And I know I'll never be able to fall in love again..."
"He'll come back. Tell him. Don't worry. He'll come back", he said.
"What if he doesn't? I'll never be able to tell him..."said ZY.
"You will. If I can do it, you can too", she said to ZY smiling, even though there were tears running down her face.
"I will. Just like you did today." And ZY smiled. "I love you all. I love you're the best friends anyone can ever have"
"We love you too, ZY", he said, holding her hand.

She hugged ZY and they all hugged again. It was the most wonderful moment ever. The three best friends. They'd always be there for each other.
"She really loves you so much...", said ZY.

"Don't cry anymore!! It must be looking so wierd, the three of us all huddled up on the terrace, crying", he said, laughing. She laughed too. And after what seemed an eternity, they broke apart.

She wiped her tears away. She looked at him and then at ZY, and they smiled.
"Chuck Norris jokes, anyone?", he said.

It was time for a talk. Though as usual, he and ZY did most of the talking. Every single thing that had been happening now fitted in place. He understood. Understood everything.

She looked up at the sky again. The moon seemed to shine extra bright.

"We're going to remain friends forever", he said. ZY and she agreed. And for once, they all really meant it.
"May our bond never break", said ZY.
They all knew it never would.

That was one of the happiest days in her life.

Dreams do come true. And it's us who make them come true.


So that is more or less the end of my story. Sounds quite common, but I still wanted to write it. The wierdest part was the dream and the entire dream scene being almost re-enacted. That's what struck me the most. It was in fact, the dream which made her tell him. If she hadn't had the dream, she probably wouldn't have thought of carrying this any further. It really is wierd how things happen....


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