Saturday, 18 August 2007


It seems to be a 'blue' day for me. All I see is blue everywhere.
I got a blue bag, a blue wallet, another blue bag, a blue keychain, two pairs of blue earrings and two blue necklaces as birthday presents. The were sesky. =D
I gifted Anushka blue nailpolish.
The cover of that Concepts of Physics by H.C. Verma lying on my table is blue.
That textbook of Organic Chemistry I'm 'studying' from(Well, actually It's more for showing off than studying :P) is blue.
The chemistry book I'm ACTUALLY studying from is also blue.
Anushka and Ruvlina wore blue.
My diary is blue.
My school bag is blue.
The sky outside was blue.
The 'Save now' button at the bottom of this page is blue.
The whole Windows theme is blue.
My shirt has little blue designs on it.
My shorts are navy blue.
The links on Wikipedia are navy blue.
The dustbin is blue.
The dictionary is blue.

Well, I could go on, but I think it's getting monotonous. :P
So I better scoot! I have a massive test on organic chemistry so I better go back to studying from that blue book of mine.


[I'm in a kinda jumpy mood today].


zombey_-/\-_ said...

i lub blue!!:P

Neo said...

dyudette...dis is lyk out f ze 'blue' ;)
cheerio 2 u 2 \m/
Rest In Peace