Tuesday, 9 December 2008


I can't believe I haven't watched the Matrix movies!
I'll have to watch them. All of them. 

I spent the whole day filling up people's diaries and it was odd to see how much I could write for people I thought I didn't know too well and surprisingly, how little I wrote for people I thought I really knew.
I called Sai, an old friend from bangalore today. It was her birthday. I spoke to her after around a year or something. It was nice. I'll try to go there once in may. It would be nice to go to Sweet Chariot again. It was a typical after-school hangout for all the schools in the area, like Haldirams is here. 
I really miss sports at Bishop Cottons. Sports here is pretty lame I find. (I know, people from MHS reading this are probably going to kill me, but trust me, if you've been to sports in Cottons, nothing compares to it). 

But I like calcutta. There are a lot of reasons for me wanting to stay here after 12:
1. I'll be able to drop in at school whenever I'm free and see the way things are going. J.A.M specially. I'd like to attend the school fests and stuff.
2. F.O.O.D.
3. Music classes.
And the reason I want to get away from here is that I want to start out again comepletely on my on, with no one there to tell me what to do. I want to be able to make friends on my own and be independant and live on my own. Because my whole friends circle in the last two years has been dominated by the few people I already knew, so I didn't really make much of an effort to make friends. 

My parents won't be too keen on letting me out of Calcutta, unless it's IIT(which is highly improbable) or NIT Durgapur or Rourkela. 
I'm really out of my mind. I haven't studied at all today. I'm actually beginning to get worried. 
I have a bangla test day after tomorrow. :-(

Two more weeks of school. Sigh.


Riju said...

Well download will be up by Saturday.. :)

But I doubt I would like to stay in Kolkata..

Mostly cos I want the experience of Hostel Life..

The Wize Witch said...

Matrix you mean? :P lol.

Riju said...

yesh.. :)

raghu said...

come to rourkela and you'll miss all that and infact you'll start loathing fests and all.. same with dugapur or an iit..
but yes you can experience a bit of the wild side :D