Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Fairy lights.

I don't know, I feel weird today. I'm bored, happy, sad, silly and broody at the same time. I've been seized by this sudden urge to make christmas cards for everyone and give everyone christmas presents. Something special, to make them remember me. It's been really long since I last actually made cards for anyone..

I somehow still miss christmas season in bangalore. Christmas was this huge affair and the christmas party at school was one of the biggest events of the year. We'd decorate our classrooms and move all the desks and chairs to make a dance floor, and dance we did! Being the choir was the 'in' thing(mainly because the choir uniforms were really pretty!). We did have a great choir. Choir was so much fun.

And the main thing was, it FELT like christmas. On christmas eve, you really FELT the magic in the air.

However, I do think christmas this year will be nice. It won't be like christmas, but it will be nice. :)

I'll wait there under the stars till our worlds come together

hand in hand we'll walk the brigde across forever.


Riju said...

jak..black is back.. =)

The Wize Witch said...

yes black is back :)

-\ sCaR tiSsUe /- said...

Maybe u r lucky.. So many emotions all at the same time.. I guess ".. more d merrier"... :)
neway now dat christmas is over.. Hows it been..?