Thursday, 22 January 2009

What matters.

Not you. Not anymore.

I don't understand how this happened and why this happened and I don't want to, because I'm tired of understanding. I don't want to understand. I will just accept that somewhere something went very wrong. Maybe not as wrong as it could have been, but wronger than it should have been.
The change came too late. I waited and waited and waited and then..walked away. You don't know. How would you? I lost the game, I won it too. To you there was no game. It didn't matter. It doens't matter.


-\ sCaR tiSsUe /- said...

Well, every1 has a saturation point..N when that boundary is crossed.. No matter wat d circumstances n equations r.. We let go... Maybe dats it.. But dont worry.. The tides wil be in ur favor too, someday.. N things wil be different.. Guess, Its all a part of d game called life..

the second face said...

i prolly dnt rly kno u well enuf 2 judge u kno...happiness or satisfaction does not cm from comes from within...its not exactly wat v see feel or what others do for us dat make us happy...its what v do for ourslvs...and finally for others...
says hellen keller nd not stupid mr. red ears... :P
nw i do not kno wat uve gone thru alrdy 2 b feeln dis way as i say 2 evry1 i meet...LIVE...r lyf's aint vry long...
try n be irrational and stupid works 4 me...nd it just myt work 4 u do...hav a gr8 lyf... :)

Neo said...

im on9 afta 5 so xyted i cud im sitting so i wont jump..howeva if i did jump i wud prolly b pulled back agen...gravity u c...n den if z elastic modulus f z chair im sittin on b low,it wud prolly break or evn worse not break so no ill not jump..insted il irrit8 u...oh w8 i juz did..
@nymphy :O*
PS:im nt shallow..itz too tireseome
Rest In Peace

The Wize Witch said...


The Wize Witch said...

@(Highly intelligent)Mr.Red ears. :P
Thanks. :)