Friday, 19 December 2008

The Last day.

So today was our last day of school, and to be honest, I would be lying if I said I’m really sad and I’m going to miss the school so badly I’m going to cry about it. But today was definitely one of the most memorable days ever at M.H.S. More memorable than the first day, probably. I had the time of my life. And yes, I was right about my sentiments towards school not really changing, because somehow I couldn’t work myself up to become very emotional like everyone else. I know I sound downright treacherous when I say I wasn't exactly very miserable, or that I wasn't analyzing every moment today, trying to live it one last time, like everyone else. Maybe I've become like that these days. It didn't really FEEL like anything.

My first day at M.H.S.

Class 9. My first reaction:"What is this place? It's all closed and grey and depressing." I hated it. I found everything so weird. The narrow dark corridors, after the sprawling grounds and trees of Bishop Cottons, one closed cage-like school building instead of little classrooms scattered around amidst a peaceful, beautiful green campus, the horrible red striped shirt, and omg no ties! But Miss Guha was wonderful. I remember the first day I just couldn't keep track of the time and I was very surprised that there was a short break after 2 periods and lunch at 11:40! My mother had given me pretty good food[it was chowmein I remember] but I didn't even know it was luch break! Akriti Sanghvi took me down garden and introduced me to an enormous gang of friends who seemed really nice, but I couldn't remember any of their names! First few weeks I would spend all my lunch breaks just staring out of the window onto the grey street and grey staring wistfully outside, hoping that it was just one bad dream and that I would wake up and find myself back in bangalore.

Then I remember in my second week of school we had a history test and I was the only one who got full marks in it. 

Of course, you can't possibly spend four years staying depressed and I began to like school. I made friends and I found people who had similar interests. Sarojini and I used to go in the same bus and she became one of my best friends. I thank Monjorika for introducing me to The Doors. [The evil girl, actually she made me fall in love with Jim Morrison and then she told me he was dead. :P]. Anushka, me and Monjorika went to watch Harry Potter[I think it was Goblet Of Fire] at City Centre and that was my first actual outing. 

Then I started getting into school programs and I would sing at almost every function. I really liked that. But I think our teachers day disaster can't go unmentioned. I guess it was in class 9. There were six of us and we'd planned a lot of harmonising and suff. I was supposed to be playing the keyboard as well. Problem was, the keyboard was kept off the stage and as a result everyone messed up their cues and I was the only one singing. Sarojini kept trying to look at me from stage, but they didn't start singing when they were supposed to. What a mess. We were all really sad and we went to Mrs.Kar and sang it for her and she liked it and she told us we'd get a chance to sing it at assembly one day. That assembly never ended up happening, but we sang it for our class. :-)

Oh, how can I forget the aerobics on sports day! The people round me were pretty robotic so I couldn't control my laughter even on the final day!

Class 10. Board year. And one of my best years. I wont forget the way geography torutred us. I mean, it's impossible to forget. I VOWED I wouldn't forget it. We spent more time making detailed plans about how we were going to make a bonfire with all our geography books after ICSE. Hehe. Okay, but then class 12 physics is equally torturous! But I can't make bonfire plans with them because most of my friends just love physics. They'll use chemistry for the bonfire. (Enough bonfire planning. Calcutta's actually too hot to have a bonfire.)

11 was the most eventful year of my school life and I think you'll get an idea of why I'm saying that if you read this blog. I learnt to grow up. I learnt. A LOT. 

I can't pretend to get all nostalgic because I don't feel that way, but there are some things that are very trademark-schoolday-ish. Like diving into each other's tiffin boxes and finishing their contents nanoseconds after opening them, burning things up in the chemistry lab and making pretty coloured solutions and precipitates, never doing maths in class, occasionally doing physics, teachers of all types, shapes and sizes, never finishing assignments on time, last minute filework, campaigning against tests and project deadlines.. :D

I know I hated school the last 1 or 2 months and I can't exactly say I miss it terribly and I'm sorry I felt that way, but the fact that 'school life' is over will take some time to sink in!

Some things I really enjoyed in school:

 Fests and practicing for them. For western music it was Sneha's place. Eastern music was a Shreya's place and I'd tell my dad to pick me up at a particular time and I always came out half an hour late and he always got really mad. :P. Shreya's music teacher Kanika Di helped us out immensely..she always encouraged us. Shreya would get really really nervous and I was completely the opposite and I would tell her "just go out there and have fun!". :) Well, I guess it was easy for me to say.. I've noticed I used get a lot less nervous while playing an instrument than singing. Now I don't actually get nervous much. :P 

I liked bio classes. Most of them. And I LOVED the section cutting practicals cuz I got to make really pretty designs with filter paper. :-)

Ruvlina's tiffin. She brought the most heavenly achar every day. Yumm..

Last week of school we had three tests!(YUCK!). But I had lots of fun playing the bass. Bass is just plain sexy I tell you. It's really sexy playing bass. The feeling is just awesome. You should try. It's WAAAAY better than guitar I feel. Hah. I totally fell in love with it. Sitar is heavenly, tabla is funky, keyboard is sophisticatedly beautiful, piano is simply beautiful, harmonica is lazy-bluesy-relaxingly soothing, drums is crazy-awesome,  guitar, well I didn't feel anything about it in particular, but bass is just downright sexy. No other word for it. :D I always thought that if I were in a band, in order of preference, I would be the vocalist, keyboardist and then drummer, but now the bass comes before the drums. But somehow I like to sing best of all. It's pretty hard to do serious keyboarding and sing lead though. If I could play bass AND sing lead, nothing like it! Okay, I'm dreaming again. :-P

We spent the morning practicing and all of a sudden we realized we had assembly with the Principal and we ran up four floors and huffed and puffed into the assembly LATE. Kar was giving a sort of presentation and we missed a bit of it. Missing a bit of your last assembly is SAD. Anyway, at the end, practically everyone went up to the podium to say something and they cried after that and there wasn't a single person with dry eyes. I was about the only one who didn't cry. And not crying when everyone else is, is SAD as well. It's frustrating being so unemotional sometimes.

Rest of the day we just clicked and clicked and clicked with our cameras, here there everywhere and then we had bio and Dr.De gave us a pretty nice lecture. :-). Rest of the day we ATE and ATE and ATE. And we still had food left. And then all of a sudden, an hour before the performance we realized that we didn't have a processor and guitar straps and we BADLY needed them and procuring them was a mad rat race...and then in the end it was all a waste cuz the distortion pedal didnt work!

It was fun, all of it...

If everyday in school was like this I would've missed it, sure!

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Riju said...

If everyday in school was like this I would've missed it, sure!

I Swear thats all I thought on the last day.. =D