Tuesday, 25 November 2008


Around two more weeks of school. And even now, my feelings haven't changed. I'm waiting for the day they will. Just to see if they will. of course. Maybe they will, but too late. Or more proabable, they wont.
I've had everything, I've experienced almost everything there is to experience in school life. For the greater part of school, I've been the good girl, paying attention in class, answering in class, always doing homework on time, getting good grades, being liked by teachers, being liked by everyone in class, having best friends, all that stuff.
But consistency is tiring and boring. It's hard.
So after 10 I grew all the wings and tails and horns. I went to school just for fun, didn't bother to listen in class, never gave in homework on time(on the rare ocassions that I actually did the work), answered questions very rarely, slept in class(in 11 and 12 there were only about 5 physics classes I didn't sleep through), appeared for tests virtually without studying..all that. I've been for detention(not that its a very rare occurence for out batch, and 'detention' is scary only in books). I've gotten into the bad books of a lot of teachers. And I don't care. And it's fun, because I don't care. 
I've been to fests, had fun at most of them, been famous, been forgotten.
But some things haven't changed, and aren't likely to change.

I've had friends, yes, but I've always this quiet and unobtrusive girl who sits next to the window and stares out of the window to observe conversations between two fat pigeons who sit on the window opposite, who draws animal farms.
I still barely talk and it's always been like that.
Ask anyone except maybe a handful of people and they won't be able to tell you much about me. 
No one will be able to say "oh, i knew her very well". 
But school hasn't been too bad so far. But I don't like it now. 

I have an english test tomorrow and the bangla teacher has suddenly realized that I'm the only one in class she hasn't been able to really irritate for the past two years, so now she's decided to, so I have to study bangla too, something I'm doing proabaly for the first time. Foulness!
AND I'm supposed to be finishing linear momentum and collisions and I'm listening to random songs:
Roadhouse blues-The Doors
We Are One Tonight - Switchfoot
Burn it down -Alter Bridge

Till later then!


-\ sCaR tiSsUe /- said...

Very well written..
As far as my views r concerned.. There is almost nothin absolute in this world.. Nothin maybe.. So it hardly matters if ur views reg school change or not.. D best way in life is to flow with d tide.. N if u r doin so.. Be it with emotions or with anythin else.. There cannot be anythin better.. I guess..

the second face said...

I kinda am understanding where all that indifference comes from...and I know how it feels now...finally...