Saturday, 22 November 2008

So tomorrow is olympiad and I'm screwing it really badly. 
Today, everyone in our row at GD wore black! that was weird. Me, Sayoni, Rohini, Neo, Abhiroop and then Arjun - all black. It looked as though we'd planned it. I wish I could take a photo. 
No one comes online these days. :-(
People are nice these days. I still don't like school, but I've got a lot of diaries to fill up and lots of people to give my diary to so I have to go to school. Last week I went to school only for two days and I was late both days and I was really surprised I didn't get detention today. (Our school has this mad system of giving people who come late detention which is actually pretty hilarious.) I think they'll give us detention next week. They've suddenly decided to make the rules really strict, so almost half the school turns up for detention every saturday. The only time I had detention we had a great party. Half of class 12 was there. haha!
Anyway, I don't think there's any point worrying too much about the bio right now, because there's no point. I'll just go there and have fun tomorrow, like I always do. Go out, give it your best and have a good time. That's the way to go about doing things, you know. :-D


-\ sCaR tiSsUe /- said...

GD as in Gautam Das.. Chemistry..??
If so then does he stil teach in tolly in dat single room.. N makes those strange faces..N a mysterious hand comes out from dat door n givs him tea from time 2 time..
Ha ha ha:)

The Wize Witch said...

yes!! u went to GD too? :P

Debs said...

My school had this teasing and effing system, that if you'd get late five times, you
d have a 'parents call'. So, you get it? I had this hallowed oppurtunity three times. And, to add to that I was in the council as well! :)

And, I almost thought GD related to Birla! :P

Thanks for visiting my blog :)

-\ sCaR tiSsUe /- said...

Yes , i used go to GD.. But its been quite sometime now...(years rather)
It was sort of fun.. (except the studying part :P...)

The Wize Witch said...

hehe..we had lots of fun at GD too last year. our lives used to pretty much revolve around his classes(and i don't mean the studying!).
long stories. :P
now everyone's studying..