Wednesday, 5 November 2008


I bunked school today. I know, everyone goes on telling me that school dyas are coming to and end and that I should go to school every day and make the most of it and enjoy my last few weeks of school, but somehow my feeling towards school hasn't changed much. Not that I expected it would, but anyway.. Nothing much happens in school. By very unfortunate coincidences, Ishani bunks the days I'm present and comes on the days I bunk(which isn't very often) and I get extremely bored. 
The last two chemistry classes were bearable, and english too was bearable. Physics I hate and however much I try I just cannot pay attention. I don't think I paid attention in a single class the entire year. 
Bengali classes are torture. She gives us a chapter/poem to learn every day and I never do, and she makes us write answers(which I copy from Ishani, word to word) and submit them to her(I've wormed out of that a few times but I can't do that every day).
Dr.De is hospitalized with malignant malaria and I'm really feeling quite bad for her because she's about the only teacher we have whoes classes are bearable. And it somehow seems very odd, hearing that she's got malaria of all things, because she taught us life cycles of malarial parasites and she always lectured us on keeping healthy and all that. She was the [damn I cant find the word!] undefeatable[yuck that's not the right word!!] type. Sheesh, I never seem to find the right words these days. I always end up saying 'this thing' and 'that thing' and my famous 'oije oita!! arre oito oita!' Hah. :-(

Dad bought me an ipod shuffle which is bright pink in colour. No comments. :-|
But it's an ipod anyway. :-)

I studied post mendelian genetics and mutation and DNA expression and Darwinism and Neo-Darwinism and something called Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium(it isn't really as complicated as it sounds) and I realized you actually need to know conditional probability pretty well for genetics. But I still dont get the hang of cladograms. :-(

SG's class population has declined alarmingly and there were just around 9 people in class today. And I dont know all of them. It's weird how even after two years I don't know even the names of people in class. Class was boring today. Nuclear physics. All theory. And as I said, physics doesn't interest me much anymore. Neo treated me to phuchka after class(what a pleasure it is to have phuchka with someone who likes it as spicy as you do and doesn't jump up and down after each phucka, breathing like a dragon. :-) )

OK then I can't write anymore. I plan to sleep tonight. Bye!


-\ sCaR tiSsUe /- said...

if ur college life goes amazingly well.. maybe u'll never miss skool anyway.. if not.. maybe u will.. who knows..
but yes.. shades of it will always come back i think....

the silent observer said...

good ol' school days...felt nostalgic....wonderful sense of irony you have

and oh! love the puchka part!