Thursday, 13 November 2008


I will do what I want to, and I will do it my way.
I will refuse to do what you tell me to do.
I despise being forced to do something, even if I wouldn't actually mind doing it.
That's the thing, 
I like to think I rule myself and I do.
Even if you think you can make me do something, and even if I make it look like I will do something you want me to, I will not do it unless you stop telling me to do it.

Half the world are parasites. Hypocrites, parasites, brainless, nerveless, gutless creatures who will attach themselves and cling on for life in an interdependance which metamorphoses from the initial symbiosis, slowly to parasitism. They draw their life from you. They will creep and crawl, reaching for you. They will cling on even after they realize that they have drawn from you all their feeble beings can. 
They are not predators, because they are too weak.
They cannot survive alone.
They do not know they are parasites. They probably never will.

People need to grow up, learn to think, learn to be independent and make their own decisions and choices.
Symbionts, not parasites.

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-\ sCaR tiSsUe /- said...

In your words i see.. Maybe.. Rebellion, obstinacy , defiance , despair to an extent..
Its true dat man is born free yet everywhere he is in chains.. But i guess even chains hav their limits.. So u should nt worry, someday d chains wil break.. Someday parasites wil get eliminated.. Nothin lasts forever.. Just believe in urself n do wat u think is right...Happiness wil follow.. I guess..