Tuesday, 18 November 2008


I bunked school today too. I actually bunked two days in a row. I stayed at home and tried to solve biology olympiad papers but turned out I hadn't even heard of half the terms there were in the papers, so I've given up. The exam's on sunday. I'm not going to bother studying any more. I've realized I better focus on other things.

There are some things which really irriatate me:
The fact that no one calls me up when I have my phone with me, but the MOMENT I enter the bathroom all my long lost friends and not-so-long-lost friends call. 
Negative signs in equations. I hate them. :-(  Yuck. And half my sums give the wrong answer because of this minus-sign-repulsion disease. (Actually my mother has it too, but she doesn't get the sums wrong!).

Well, today I sang after a really long time. Like, REALLY sang, not the bathroom stuff. I just realize how long it's been since I sang properly. I sang along with Nemo and Nymphetamine and all the evanescence songs on my ipod. They're good for a high pitched voice like mine. :D
I haven't played tabla/sitar/keyboard for AGES :-(.
I suddenly start counting taals and kayedas when I'm travelling or something. I mean I make up kayedas and try to fit them and I count and count on my fingers and people think I'm comepletely mad. 'Assymetric' taals like jhaptal are pretty tricky but once you get the hang of them they're awesome to play(especially if you've made things on your own).
Music is really a science.
There's science in everything. :)


-\ sCaR tiSsUe /- said...

Considerin dat ur "bunking frequency" is pretty good.. It wud nt be incorrect 2 call u "regularly irregular" as far as school s concerned :) lol..
But its good.. Sir John Nash had said.. "classes r gonna dull ur mind , destroy ur potential for authentic creativity.."`
so happy bunking :) !!

The Wize Witch said...

heehee :P
well put!