Monday, 10 November 2008

So thursday is batch night. Dress code this year too is black. Other colours don't exist do they? I mean, it was black last year. Everyone wears black all the time. 
Everyone will be at venom, wearing black, some with their boyfriends, quite a few without and they will be dancing to loud music, and the ones who don't/can't/don't feel like dancing will stand and watch other people dancing/doing whatever. I'm guessing. I wanted to go initially, but then I thought I'll probably get really bored. Most of my friends aren't going, I can't dance(I love to dance but it would be a bit of a fiasco if I danced there), I don't have a date(not that it's necessary of course), and THERE WILL BE NO FOOD. I will have to spend two hours there standing with people I barely know(the alternative being sitting on the couch, and you know what happens on the couches at venom) with NO FOOD. I would've considered going if more of my friends were going though. Whether or not I'd be allowed is of course, a different matter.

So while everyone will be having fun(they're quite sure they will), I will be teaching Madhura angiosperm reproduction and development and photosynthesis, and she will teach me nervous coordination (after which I might just play her guitar and then eat momos)  :-) . And then I will go to math tution where I'll have phuchka with Nilanjana(who isn't going to batch night either) and do calculus. 

I love Katatonia.