Monday, 23 July 2007

Why Love is blind

I started writing another depressing poem today during the phyics practical class, after having abandoned an attempt at drawing a portrait of Albert Einstien. Yeah I actually TRIED drawing Albert Einstien but he ended up looking more like the Potato Man with overgrown hair, so I started writing poetry instead.

This is a rather interesting story I heard....It's really nice. It goes like this.
Once upon a time, God called Lie, Love, Madness, Laziness and a few other qualities and asked them to play a game of hide and seek. Madness volunteered to be the seeker, and everyone else agreed because they didn't like the idea of seeking Madness. So Madness started to count - "1, 2, 3, 4, 5...". Lie said he would hide under a rock, but he went and hid at the bottom of a lake. The other qualities also hid. For a long time, Love couldn't find a place to hide. Finally love found a rose bush in which she hid. Madness stopped counting. Laziness was the first to be found - he had been too lazy to hide. Madness began to seek love, and finally found her in the rosebush. The thorns had pricked her eyes and she was blind. Since she couldn't see anymore, Madness had to guide her. So from then onwards, wherever Love went, Madness went with her.

Love is blind. And Madness always accompanies love.

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Who Said So?? said...

what do you know....this story actually makes alot of sense! of why love is actually "blind" and why madness always accompanies it!