Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Rain....and other things

This is an IMCOMPLETE poem about the rain. It can't be called a poem exactly, but rain's too poetic a thing to write about in a non-poetic way, so here goes.

It rained all night
The angry sky a dull plum
To be lit electric violet by the slashes of lightning
And the sky fell apart with thunder
Fiercely, intesnely the wind howled
All night, like a caged being
Venting its spleen on the trees and everything that stood in its path
And the rain lashed through the darkness
Spalshing violently on the ground
Making little streams which flowed in winding paths
Carrying dreams and memories you never knew you had
And the rain came down, pounding on my windowpanes
Like a man with a tangled mind
Begging for release...

[There was some stuff about the morning but it isn't really making sense]

So basically it's another one of Kolkata's rainy days - Rain all night and all day, streets getting flooded, people unable to go to school or office, lazing about at home drinking coffe and eating khichuri or ilish maach and getting fat. :P

For me I think it was very LUCKY. This weel was supposed to be one of the most stressed out with a hell lot of tests and stuff, but it's turning out to be rather relaxing!
Relaxing enough to play depressing music on the keyboards, not-so-depressing things on the sitar and positively happy beats on the tabla. :) Of course, I don't think it's actually possible to play sad things on the tabla. Unless, maybe you're a real virtuoso, which I'm not.

Oh yeah, I forgot. Playing the sitar is 'uncool' right? Yeah. Yeah. You tell people you play the sitar and they go all 'Oh! Sitar. Oh. :-| '. And give you this glance. I've seen that. If you play the guitar, you're a god. How logical. Don't get me wrong here, I have absolutely NOTHING against guitarists, but for HEAVENS SAKE, people need to REALIZE there are other insrtuments to play!

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Mohan Ali Noor you kno da rest said...

i play da baal gitar....

imagine da kynda glances i get...