Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Alone again - A poem

Another day goes by
And I feel our distance growing
There's nothing left to fill the void this time
All I had was you
But now it feels like you're a stranger
I try to reach out but you shrink back into your shell
I've given up waiting for an answer
I know it'll never come.

Emptiness fills me, the pain is numbing me
There's nowhere I can hide my tears
I sometimes wish I could escape
But there's nowhere to go
I walk alone now
I don't know where
A space lies vacant where you used to walk with me
But you aren't there....

I don't know why you don't understand
And don't even try to understand
That you're getting carried away
Snatched away by temptation
Not knowing what's coming

I try to tell myself I don't care anymore
I wish I could stop trying
To think about why you just walked away like that
Without realizing what you did to me
But deep down I realize
That you are beyond caring
But I'm not
I'm still clinging on
I don't know why

You've become something else
Something I don't recognise
Someone who doesn't know me
Someone who turns their eyes away from me
Leaving me in cold darkness

I wonder whether the path I've taken
Is going to lead to a dead end
Because on the way, all I find
Are dead things, thoughtless, emotionless
And my dead mind decaying
With your thoughts.
Thoughts which would once illuminate my mind
Which now douse me in frozen filth.
It's just so haunting
The way you've left me stranded

We're no more what we used to be
And it's never going to be that way again.
Now all I have is me.
Myself. Alone. Again.

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Who Said So?? said...

dude! this is like exactly what is going through my mind!!! the same thoughts and feelings....