Thursday, 26 July 2007


I'm actually pretty happy today after a long time. And I'm liking it.
Well first of all, I went to my first ever fest - Jacosynthesis, so I was all excited....And it wasn't disappointing at all!! We didn't win but St.James gave a bloody brilliant performance which was absolutely mind blowing, and I kind of felt it was worth going there just for that. Even a person who doesn't ever listen to classical music could not have hepled being mesmerized. And it felt completely POINTLESS to even think of coming anywhere near competing with them! I mean it was SCARY! Actually. And the rest were pretty good too. There sure was stiff competition. The funny part of it all was the comments - there was this screen where the comments on everything kept flashing. That added to the humor.
And then the UN mock was amazingly hilarious. There were ten schools representing ten different countries, and our school was representing Germany. The topic was something like -"Veto power should be abolished"[I don't exactly remember]. St.James were representing the U.K - the representatives were Mick Jagger and I think Keith Richards. They were trying to reproduce a British accent, but it actually sounded more American and the comment was - "I think his idea of a British accent is spitting into the microphone". And then in the middle 'Mick Jagger' stood up and said something like -"Respected chairperson Sir, You see, I Mick Jagger am not really used to attending these UN meetings. Its really hot here, so with your permission may I take off my blazer?" Whoa. And our reaction was like, man, why do people have to start stripping in the middle of a UN General Assembly meeting? And then there was this girl representing China [I forgot which school], who kept screeching into the microphone to get herself heard, Mamata Bannerjee style, and the comment was - "Looks like Mamata Bannerjee has defected to China!!". And every time she spoke [screeched], we'd cover our ears and the screen would flash - "MAMATA!!!". The poor Russians kept contradicting their own statements and USA, represented by LMB used an excessive of hand gestures. Australia, represented by DBPC completely lost their accents and they were wearing terrible shirts, so the screen flashed -"I didn't know Australians had such a bad taste in shirts".
The whole thing was pretty hilarious. It was fun. A lot of fun.

So basically I got the feel of a fest. I liked that...

But then at the end of the day, you get back to reality. You get reminded of things you don't want to be reminded of. In the end it all comes rushing back...Life as you need to face it.

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Who Said So?? said...

yaaay! wasn't jaco just great!?!? is expected....our school fest and all....*gives a smirk*
the whole un mock was just hilarious, but with mamata's screeches it became unbearable!!!!!