Tuesday, 27 October 2009

A nice day :)

So. I had a good day. And I thought physics would dampen my mood but I discovered elatedly that we had very little calculation to do, so good. :-).

I  like this weather, its somehow very peaceful and beautiful. Winter is setting in. Its lovely to walk in the s thats somehow makes me feel more alive. I left home a bit early(well I got ready early and I saw no point in hanging around at home) and I listened to Porcupine Tree on the way to college and I discovered I'm addicted to 'Radioactive Toy' in addition to 'Trains' and 'Piano Lessons' and Radioactive toy has some parts which have a very strong Pink Floyd feel. Gods. Those two bands are the Gods.

A.N. didn't turn up so 8 of us went to the canteen, decided we were hungry and pounced at each others food. :P. It was actually after a long time that I was hanging out with my classmates. I don't generally do that. And then all a sudden I saw an old friend who'd come to the Shakespeare seminar and it was really nice meeting her after a long time. Its funny how catching up on people suddenly is such a pleasure.
And we spend the rest of the time we had checking out guys there :P (its especially a lot of fun doing that when there are 6 girls together :P ) and we had a pretty good chat and stuff.

And then me and Krishno went walking all over Park Street and New Market for phuchkas and had pretty jhaal ones(yes jhaal phuchkas after a long time!! :D ). And then chocolate ice cream to cool down the fiery insides. :P. Jhaal phuchkas go well with this weather you know. :)

Then I met Riju at JU and we drank apple juice(instead of coke/pepsi for a change) and chatted about life and college and stuff and then I met Haimanti at Ruby and I aslo took some pictures there. Of the sky, obviously. It was great meeting her after such a long time. :-)

Yeah so it was a nice day. I am happy you know. Being happy is fun and nice, yes. :)


Delta said...

whoa nyc post. Lubd it! :D

The Wize Witch said...

thenkuu :D <3

Riju said...

Appy Classic kintu.. Fizz na :P
Good time :)

Krishno said...

its great that you are happy ]:D