Thursday, 22 October 2009

Back to work!

Its back to college and as usual my head isn't working well enough but I have nothing else to do at the moment. First period of the day is off[YAY!] so I'm in the cyber room.
My head is all fuzzy somehow when I get here so there are so many things I intended to write about but I dont seem to be able to make sense of anything in my head.
Well, first day back wasn't all that bad. I got a 10/10 in AD's vectors and mechanics paper[which is really shocking] so was quite elated because the last time I got full marks in anything was probably in class 9, in my first week at MHS, in Miss. Guha's history test. And I hated school back then but after being all praised by Miss.Guha I was all happy.
My dad promised me a present if I got full marks in math but that never happened unfortunately.

20th was Baba's birthday so I made chocolate cake and it was pretty good. We went to Flame and Grill of dinner and they have this unusual crab kabab which is pretty good.

Krishno continues to irritate me about bunking math classes and eating momos. :P
(Dont worry khawabo toke).

On sunday, me, Anushka and Ruvi went to City Centre and had a pretty "eventful" day. :D
We irritated the hell out of the people at the Junk Jewellery store by passing the weirdest of comments on the stuff there. Then at lunch we walked into one of the more expensive restaurants without knowing it would be way beyond our budget so we looked at the menu card and ran out. We decided a plethora of street food so we had these hot dogs and were still extrememly hungry so finally we went to KFC. And just when we were running out of things to do we went to Shoppers Stop, picked up the most awesome and most expensive dresses we would never buy and tried them on. And the third time we were on the verge of getting thrown out so we went to Pantaloons to do the same thing. :P
But we were thirsty this time so it was back to the food court. I had lemon ince tea which didn't taste much like tea or have muhc lemon in it and Anushka and Ruvi had chocolate milkshake which would give anyone diabetes. Probably they'd used chunks of sugar instead of chunks of ice. And there was this little girl who wanted chocolate milkshake without the milk. :) LOL!
And then we stared at a guy who looked intriguingly like a vampire(not as hot as Edward Cullen though)..but alright. :P :P

And my time's up I guess and this is probably the randomest post I've written in a while. Oh no I'm also hungry. :(
And I have a math class now. :(


Riju said...

Smile about it. A Random post is better than any poem I say :) :D
Or maybe that's cos I don't get poems.. But anyway.. its fun to read these..

Krishno said...

thanku for the momoz!! :) :P

The Wize Witch said...

@Krishno: better momo khawabo. :)

Delta said...

yep..v had a lubly outing..! N nt 2 mention wot v did at SS..! :P