Tuesday, 3 November 2009

As my head spins faster and faster.

Past lives spinning by
losing count
Too many lost worlds
Days forgotten, though maybe not quite
Now just hazy outlines of memories
That dont seem like they really belong here.

A tightrope walk between past and present
All over again
New worlds, new lives
one at a time
Coming, going, coming, going

The same old things
but every time, surprising with a shining newness
never failing to electrify
Rising, dying, rising, dying
...Rising again
 To die again maybe
But its bright, like every rising.
Bright, but in a different colour.

There's nothing called perfect,
Nothing called forever
Nothing called never
 Just a long, long road
with something new at every turn

And my head spins faster and faster
I feel that strange tingling again
The spark through my nerves
The shocking thrill
But I think I know...