Saturday, 28 November 2009

Hello again :)

I haven't blogged for a long time. So I thought I really must post something because my blog looks all abandoned.
And I want to make an omlette. I don't know why, but I just do. A big fluffy omlette with onions and tomatoes and capsicum, lots of chillies, maybe some cheese and chilli flakes and pepper and oregano and whatever else I can find.
And its winter but its not really cold yet, though people are acting like its the antarctic. I want to wear my nice green big sweater and purple socks. And I also really want to eat phuchka. Really jhaal phuchka. Haven't had phuchka in a long time.
I miss going to college. I feel really useless at home because all I do is eat and I become terribly lazy. We're on study leave for semester one exams which begin on 4th december.
Its nice going for long walks on winter afternoons. The exams will kill my winter here. Bad.
Oh and I'm really happy I got accepted for the Undergraduate Associateship at Saha Institute Of Nuclear Physics biophysics division. Which means I get to work on a research project there for 90 days a year for 3 years till I graduate. Which means I will already have a bit of research experience by the time I complete my Bsc. :). And protiens are cool :)
Yay. :)
Oh I just discovered that olive oil is nice. It smells nice too.

When I grow up and live on my own I'll call my close friends over for dinner on saturday night. And I'll cook dinner and we'll chat and catch up over brownies and coffee. Hot coffee on chilly winter evenings and cold coffee with ice cream for sultry summer days. And there'll be some good music for a nostalgic touch. And I'll light the pretty scented candles that have been piling up unused.
Yeah its nice to fantasize.
[Okay I admit that fantasy was a little bit Wake Up Sid inspired.


Krishno said...

feels good to see that u have posted such mundane stuff in such a "sexy" manner! LoLz :D :D

Riju said...

Bah! Nice little random post :)
And congrats about the biophysics thing.

P.S Ami kintu oi saturday te khali thakbo.. just in case :P

The Wize Witch said...

@Riju: yes yes sure :D.