Monday, 4 June 2012


So I am now officially a chemistry graduate. It's pretty cool, come to think of it. I survived the three years. And now I'm leaving Calcutta in about 20 days. Now that is cool, but also pretty strange. So yes, I'm moving again. Its time too. Bangalore, Calcutta, Mumbai. I will have lived in three very different cities.
My brother says that Calcutta is like a human - imperfect, chaotic but getting along fine. Mumbai is more like a machine - smooth, efficient, never stopping. But every city has its charm.

I am getting new glasses again and I'm excited about that - I know thats a really weird thing to be excited about.

Right now I'm obsessed with swimming, food and colours. I'm trying to eat and sleep as much as I can, when I can because when July kicks in, I wont get to do much of that. I'm doing a bit of shopping too and I discovered I have a shoe fetish. I never seem to have enough shoes. I'm also reading a bit and writing a bit more. Though I don't feel much like blogging - I'm lazy.

People grow up so fast. There was this little girl who used to go to school in the same bus with me and when I saw her today I couldn't believe it was her. But then I've got to realize I've grown too in 5 years. I even got in touch with some people I had last seen about 10 years ago when we were about 10-11 years old, and all of them have just sprouted into such beauties. It's such a nice feeling when you see the metamorphosis. From chubby little kids with two ponytails and braces on their teeth - to 20 year old women -beautiful, confident, poised, with all the baby fat and awkwardness gone.

But still, I think age is just a number. I atleast don't think I will ever feel I've grown up enough. But maybe that's what life should be like.

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