Friday, 29 June 2012

New Starts.

So I am in Mumbai. Still a few days before starting off at TIFR. Apprehensive about not knowing any biology but very excited about learning what I love and finally working.

Right now I am back in this Porcupine Tree obsession phase, and I am totally tripping on the stuff. If this sin't the most beautiful music I've ever listened to I don't know what is. Its repetitive and dark and trippy but strangely energizing. It makes you escape reality, you go into this altered state.
Dark tunnels and alternate universes. Never ending dark streets with dim orange streetlights. Ruins of ancient houses, with crumbling walls, empty except for an old piano. A walk along high cliffs at night, overlooking the sea. Music has this strange ability to construct scenes in your head, and you visualize yourself as if it were a music video in which you're there. Some are almost happy. Perfect if you want to write poetry or something. I would but I'm lazy.

For now I will continue to sink into music. Its something I haven't actually done in a while.

And this is a photo I took from the train on the way here.

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