Saturday, 9 June 2012

Schoolday memories.

Sometimes I miss school. I miss those uniforms we had in high school. The pleated blue skirts designed to make you look thin(someone pointed that out and I noticed she was right). The blue and white striped shirts with the pocket and the emblem. The badge we wore on our collars. Even those black shoes.
Atleast they were comfortable in summer. In winter we had those nice dark blue, not exactly navy blue cardigans. And our legs would freeze.

We got soaked in the rain a few times. One day it rained so heavily in the morning, the front entrance was blocked and we entered school from a side door, wading through water almost to our knees. We spent the day barefoot, our socks hanging on our chairs.

I miss the uncomplicated lives we had, how we were excited by little things. An outing with friends was a big deal in class 9. I was new to school and new to Calcutta so it was big thing for me. We were excited about every little event - be it a class presentation or organizing a mini-carnival.
I always enjoyed the English and history classes. History till 10(I didn't have it after that) and English always. I miss the beautiful bio lab and the slides and microscopes with beautifully stained root samples.

By the end of class 10, I had a group of great friends. We would spend our breaks singing in the shed or gobbling up orange sticks and talking about each other's crushes.

There were the fiercely competitive school fests. Maybe we didn't have huge guest performances but they had way more spirit than any college fest can ever have. They were fun, because over the course of time, we got to know our opponents. It wasn't just about us doing our best, it was about devising strategies to beat the others by anticipating what they would do. The atmosphere at every fest was electric - everyone was friendly but everyone wanted to beat everyone else.

As life began to complicate, we thought we were all grown up, though that was just the beginning. And the innocence was beginning to fade.

The journey from those day to today has changed us, but change is a part of growing. But sometimes I think the innocent,silly schoolgirls, full of ideas and full of life, still live in a small part of us we haven't totally forgotten. 

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Anonymous said...

I don't think people really change :)
very idealistic i know.. but i doubt who we inherently are gets altered through the years and circumstances that change us/molds us into who we seem to the world .. so we're always going to be those schoolgirls when we meet.. even if we seem VERY different to the outside world :)

Much Love!