Wednesday, 9 February 2011

I had a nice Saraswati Pujo. Wore a sari and strutted around all day. Met some friends, ate lots of delicious khichuri. :)

And I finally watched Dhobi Ghat and I loved it because it was so real. It wasn't 'acted'. They showed how relationships are undefined, they don't need to be defined. They showed what its really like when people interact, the real expressions, the way they really say things, the way people really converse, the gestures, the little gaps and silences, all of it. How lives intertwine. It was a refreshing change from the movies we usually watch. You know they are movies, you know they are acting but here it doesn't feel that way. These kind of relationships are something every one of us relate to but never talk about or explain, because we don't need to, we just live with them sometimes without even knowing. It's all a part of life, it adds colour. They are like the shades in between. :)

So I think everyone should go watch it. It's nothing that complex you can't understand its quite simple actually. :)


Abhishek said...
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Abhishek said...

Refreshing thoughts!! :)

JoHn said...

I happened to watch Dhobi ghat on the same day.

Around me there was this guy who went on ranting that what a mindless movie. And there was me who could totally see the volumes of life those 'shades' covered.

People spend a lifetime preserving the bright moments never realizing that they live mostly in these shades most of their lives.

A heartening and refreshing effort, a story which has no begiining and no end, a movies plucked out from the daily life,that's how I describe Dhobi ghat.