Saturday, 19 February 2011


Birds at dawn, the sunlight through the window as you yawn and step out of bed for the first glimpse of the new day you've awoken to. The wind blowing softly and the sunshine just right, warming you skin. Blue sky shining above.
People smiling, working, getting the day started.
Waiting for the bus, the seat by the window to watch the same old roads go by again and again but its never really the same. The cliched saying 'change is the only constant'. Songs on the radio. Energy buzzing around.
Energy, people. Talking, walking, playing, singing, fighting, learning.
Colourful clothes.
Meeting and waiting.
The hi's and hello's and smiles.
A few moments by the window to let your mind fly away for a while.
Dusk and the crimson sun, visible over the bridges and buildings but slowly disappearing.
And walks through new roads, new places as the light dims and the streetlights flicker on.
The wind that gets colder, whipping your skin. A sharp chill that bites, but is beautiful because you want to feel it to feel alive.
Ink blue sky like a blanket with the stars shining through. So vast, so endless. Staring at the sky is freedom. Losing yourself , pulling away from reality.

Love and liberation.
Life is beautiful if you let it be.
So why not let it be beautiful? There's beauty in everything if you give yourself a chance to find it.
There's no black or white or bad or good. They are all colours. There is no 'normal' or 'default' or generalized definitions. There are just people and emotions all intertwined in different ways that don't have to be defined or named. Thats all.
And that's where the beauty is.



Krishnamurari Mukherjee said...

still dhobi ghat lingering on I think ... :P and.. do I find a metaphor in a very minimalistic and subtle manner?? :P ;)do I?

Calypso said...

yes dhobi ghat effect still on :).
and oh yes right on about the metaphor ;)