Sunday, 20 June 2010

OMG so much fun!

Had the awesomest party in a long time! 
Somuchfun somuchfun somuchfun!!!!!!!

So we went to Riju's place to jam and his jam room didnt have a fun and didnt have enough plug points to make room for a table fan so me, Neo, Riju and Krishno ended up making music in the tiny room in the heat dripping with sweat but who cares we had such an awesome time! And I loved beating the hell out of his drums as well. Not every day I get to do that :P.
And then we ate lots of biryani and watched a movie and played poker and Krishno has become so addicted to it he exhibits withdrawal symptoms if he doesnt play. :P
And the jokes. I laughed so much I've become thinner. 

What a day! I'm still high on the fun! :D
Oh and I finally bought new shoes too!