Saturday, 3 July 2010

Back to college (not!) :(

I missed the first three days of 2nd year because of a toe injury (I banged my foot on the sofa quite hard resulting in an enourmous red swollen toe). Its sad because I was really looking forward to going to college on the first day and terrorizing the juniors(no, really). I'm a bit too excited about finishing 1st year I guess.

So I'm spending the day at home searching for recipes. I love to cook. I want to make caramel pudding and pasta but caramel sounds pretty tricky but I want to try anyway. After a year of experience in the chemistry lab caramel shouldn't be that much of a problem, after all its just a polymerization process. Which is why I want to make it. And I'm not much of a sweet lover anyway so I hardly end up eating any of the sweet dishes I make. But I like making them. I made a chocolate bread pudding once and it was quite nice. But I'm tired of chocolate in everything.

So I'm home for a pretty long weekend with nothing to do. Monday is a strike, thats disgusting cuz I'll have to wait another whole day to go to college. :(

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Musings of a Geek said...

Seems like your vacation ended very quickly. :)