Wednesday, 2 June 2010


I think I'm busier than I can handle. But I'm sort of liking it.
Project has started off pretty well and yes I am being able to roughly understand whats going on(though majorly thanks to wikipedia). Haven't gotten down to any cooking yet. Brother is pestering me to make brownies so I'll have to do that when I get time.
In a while probably I'll be writing about my project in my new blog, I'll post the link once I actually write something. Its going to be specifically for science related posts. More of an attempt at organizing thoughts on something - I have these streams of thoughts which take pretty interesting turns so I thought I should try to organize them into something presentable. And I'd like to write about new, interesting things I learn. Inspirations : James D. Watson and of course, Feynman.
I'm not much of a physics fan but Feynman is just brilliant, I love the way he writes and makes physics fun and beautiful even to people like me who wouldn't go within a mile of a physics textbook if I could help it.

So anyway, lets see when I can start writing. And the pasta and french fries will come up sometime too.


ayan said... project ta start kore no rest yet.!!!! well bst ofluck.

sayan said...

I see you already dropped the plan of going to the gym :P