Wednesday, 17 March 2010

The silent traveller

Open your eyes
Look around, look outside
Give wings to your thoughts and let them fly around you
Growing, till you know its time to let them stretch their wings and fly free.

Step out of the dark room that's been your home
Walk through the world
The expansive open grasslands
The busy city streets and their stoic ways
The buzz of noise
The comforting unfamiliarity
Narrow by-lanes,
The peaceful anonymity
Colourful cobbled streets that twist and turn
Leading you along

Lose yourself in the whirl of colour and sound
Let your mind break free
Listen to your footsteps as you walk
One step at a time,
soaking in the myraid scents of the air you breathe

Find where you've hidden yourself
Savour the silence within you
Relish the solitude the world gifts you
Your own little corner, the space that is yours.

Unlock your mind, let it glimpse the rainbow
You're free to fly and watch the world below.