Thursday, 25 March 2010

People watching

I like to watch people. Women, more particularly. (No don't worry, I'm straight).  I like to watch how they dress, because it talks a lot about their mentality, their psyche. I find it immensely pleasing to look at someone I would call stylish or well dressed. The reason women are so interesting to watch is because of their unbounded creativity when it comes to dressing. It doesn't mean men aren't well dressed, but its just that they're boring to watch. Men can't be too creative without being branded 'gay'. Poor guys. :P

So I never get bored in a place full of people when I don't know anyone, or even on the street for that matter.
Its very nice to see how people can look nice in the simplest of clothes, but accentuated properly. Or even vice-versa : it takes a lot to carry off very fancy clothes and I admire people who do it without looking too overdone.
For example, I went to an annaprashan today. There was a girl with short hair, wearing a very simple silk blue and silver striped half sleeved kurti with an orange patiala. She wore a chunky necklace with it and mojris. That's an example of understated style that really stands out. And of course, there were the saris. I have a weakness for white-and-gold and off-white colours because they look simple but very elegant.
And then I watch out for little details that make it all complete. A simple pink-and-white cotton salwar, with a cute white hairband. Light blue jeans and a white top with minimalist designing and toenails with light blue and lime green nailpolish. I believe dressing is an art.

Another thing I realized is that our ancestors were brainy when it came to dressing. If you notice, the way people dress in a region is dictated largely by the climate. People wear what's most comfortable in the weather. Like in Calcutta its crazy hot, and people would rather die than admit it but jeans are just awful for this sort of climate. So maybe its time to realize that there was a logic in wearing Indian clothes. Because salwar kameez are made of much lighter material, and you're also optimally covered to avoid getting burnt by the sun they are much more comfortable. Technically saris and dhotis(for the men) give you ample 'breathing space', suited to the heat. In the northeast, its cold so people wear these thick skirts. Rajasthan is a desert and its very very hot and dry, so they wear free flowing lehengas, cholis or blouses and use their dupattas to protect their heads from the heat and the dust storms.
Thick rough materials like denim and linen were originally worn in colder places. So it doesn't really make much sense wearing them when the sun is causing us to melt. But we love our jeans and can't do without them anymore because we've become so used to wearing them and they're very hardy and practical. And yes, they look great. But I'll probably wear less of them this summer. Lycra leggings, harems, skirts and patialas are the best. :)

Stay Stylish!
Apologies to the guys, most of whom would've found this immensely boring. :P


Musings of a Geek said...

I need to refine my sartorial sensibilities before appreciating a post like this :P

Krishno said...

some one should sympathize with me! :P :( but the last paragraph was nice! :)

The Wize Witch said...

hahahahaha :D

ayan said...

bujhechi........tor matha ta ebar kharap hoye jacche !!!!!!!! keep it up...........good chemists as history suggests were actually mad ppl!!!! but actually u dont look like that frustrated...........but this post clears most of my doubts.

The Wize Witch said...

@Ayan: atodine bujhli!? :P