Saturday, 10 January 2015

Beginnings update

And so, my year has begun with confusion.

I'm confused about my work, confused about what I really want to work on, because I just realized everything I thought I'd like to do isn't quite turning out to be something I want to do. Learning new things has changed my perspective. So I have one more rotation left and I need to think very carefully about it. Because I have to decide on a lab after that.
Not to mention my experiments and what I'm getting out of them is confusing.

And life in general is confusing and I'm having a hard time trying to figure things out.

I would say the vacation is going pretty well - no classes for a while is probably what I needed but it's made me lazy. And I'm somehow ending up making a lot of mistakes. I can't believe I'm actually looking forward to the semester starting again. I'll be stressed like crazy, I remember last semester. But I'll be more active, I'll see more people and I'll always be doing something. I might be depressed but I won't have time to feel it. But well, it's good to enjoy the break while it lasts. I should have done more during this time though. I didn't write much or read much. Or cook yet. I basically slept a lot and ate a lot of waffles and ate breakfast every day. And spent some time underground with the optical tweezers.

Just 2 more weeks till normal life ends.


(-Lucid-Interval-) said...

For starters you should consider yourself lucky to have such a long vacation.
And learning new things can become abrupt if its just left there.
And as far as choosing a speciality is concerned, there either is a spark when in a fraction of a second you just know this is it. Or you learn to adapt.

::tiff:: said...

We don't live in an era where us 20 somethings have to have everything figured out before 30. Don't take life too seriously but at the same time don't let it run you over. Inspiration will come. You'll figure things out. :)