Monday, 9 December 2013

Eat, Cook, Love

I found this old packet of pasta and a few lemons so I finally decided to cook up something. I made pasta in a lemon garlic butter sauce and yoghurt with chicken salami and sweet corn. Whatever I could find in my house actually. Though I probably went overboard with the lemons. I love lemons. Anyway, pasta is not really my thing. I did manage to cook it well but I don't like eating it much. I'd rather eat rice. Rice is better at bringing out flavours of whatever you're eating.

Winter makes me think of a lot of lovely desserts. Fresh from the oven apple crumble with vanilla custard. Hot almond brownies. Peanut butter and chocolate fudge. Fluffy banana cake. I don't have a good oven though, so baking is a problem.

I really do like cooking, I find it really stimulating putting all the ingredients together, creating something. It's a lot like music or painting. It's all about harmony - tastes and aromas. Everyone should try it.

I've been reading a lot of cute stuff on buzzfeed. Like ideas on gift wrapping and food gifts and I'm actually dying to gift stuff like that. Just so pretty. I was never good at craft though.

Otherwise - I haven't gotten down to much of the stuff I was planning to do. I will. Eventually. I hope!

I got a lot of new books. Wuthering Heights, Emma, Jane Eyre and Catcher in the Rye.Yes, I haven't read them yet, kill me. I just never liked romance novels. Too tedious to read pages and pages about people trying to impress each other and over-analyzing every damn thing. And I do love to read but more often than not I simply don't feel like reading  'serious literature' or whatever you would call this. Plus, I have zero interest in politics, economics or modern history. Ancient and medieval history is fascinating though.

I want to travel as much as I can, everywhere I can. The whole world is wide open, waiting to be explored. There is so much more than just the little circle you know, work and worries and all that.

Also, life is too short to be unhappy. It sometimes takes time to figure out what you want, or that something is not right for you. Once you do, you can change it. People might say you're being a loser by quitting. I just think it's also important to know where and when to stop. If it's not adding to you're life, you're exhausted and you're doing this for reasons primarily other than yourself, and finally, you're not happy, you need to have the courage to stop and change.

At the end of the day, it's about your confidence. If you worry about what other people think, it will always be a problem. Hell, it's your life. What someone else thinks doesn't matter because their thoughts don't directly impact you. Do things for the right reasons, for yourself and not because you want to conform to what people think you should do.

We're not teenagers anymore. I don't have to pretend to like obscure Scandinavian death metal bands and dress in black to be cool. Instead, I will do whatever the hell I like, and be proud of it, and be cool because of that. (Though I still do like death metal). And I will never apologize for being honestly myself.

Current music : Halestorm, Epica and Royal thunder.

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Pritam Bhattacharya said...

Ahh ... a blog post from you after such a long time .. welcome back!