Monday, 22 August 2011

Thought bubbles with macaroni.

I come back again after abandoning my blog. To write another silly post. The new blogger is great! Maybe that will inspire me to write more?

I'm obsessed with Masterchef again, the show has redefined the meaning of 'foodie'. Being a foodie doesn't mean eating huge amounts of food. Its about appreciating different kinds of food and being open to new flavours and new combinations of tastes. Its about really allowing yourself to eat with all your senses. Really observing tastes, smells, textures, temperatures and everything about food. Not just stuffing it down your throat. Of course, there are people who claim to be foodies, and love to eat, but really whats the point of eating tonnes of something without even realizing how it tastes? So even if I can't really cook much , or cook well for that matter, I can atleast enjoy food.

For the past few days I've been having this urge to cook pasta, so I'm cooking some macaroni today. I wanted to try something different rather than the tomato sauce I usually make with pasta, but my family doesn't like anything too cheesy, so I wonder if I should experiment with mixing some flavours, or go with a safe recipe. There's a problem both ways - I don't end up cooking much, which is why I want to experiment but maybe its a better idea to do the basics first? The tomato sauce has a popular vote, but I was thinking of saving that for sometime later when I cook spaghetti. I've really wanted to cook spaghetti but since there was a packet of macaroni lying at home I thought I should finish that first. So maybe I'll make a lemon  butter sauce with garlic and put cheese and tomatoes and then bake it. Or maybe the flavours will get all mixed up which I dont want. I always have a problem with taking decisions. Always.

And I want a new camera. I wont get a DSLR yet, but something good enough.
I'm also waiting for my Pottermore beta access email.
I love watching Glee AND I want some new music. Desperately!

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