Friday, 26 August 2011


I'm reading a new book after a long time. Its something I love doing, but don't get as much time as I would like to read. I love the feeling of going to a book shop and buying a book. There's a different kind of pleasure in that.
 I bought a book for myself a few days ago after a very very long time.
My Family and Other Animals by Gerald Durrel. A lovely little book to sink into. To lie down and read before bed.
About beaches and boat trips and olive groves, charming little islands and animals.

Its very sad that kids these days don't read. Reading is like getting lost in another world. Its one of the best ways to get away from the real world for a while. People who don't read can never experience that feeling. Very unfortunate. Who wouldn't like to go off on adventures with the Famous Five(to say nothing of their picnics, as anyone who has read them will recall!), or solve a mystery with Poirot, or explore life and magic with Harry, Ron and Hermione?  
After Three Men in a Boat, this book is probably going to be one of my all time favourites. 

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