Thursday, 2 December 2010

No I'm still not over Harry Potter.

I watched Deathly Hallows part 1 today. After a long wait. I was dying to watch it. And of course I loved it. But what is sad about the movies is that somehow you don't get the essence of the book. They didn't really distort too many details this time. But the main action is in the next part so this one felt like it lacked that punch.

What I loved: The way Harry, Ron and Hermione have grown together, how they've developed. There's a lot of good bit of acting. Emma Watson looks just lovely. I'm straight but I love her! I liked the styling as well, she looks really cool. Ginny too looks more grown up. And somehow I've loved Ginny's character right from the beginning and I knew when I read book one that she was going to develop as a very important character. Maybe I relate to her.
And Bellatrix. She is a wild crazy maniac and is sexy that way.
The scene at the beginning where Hermione is at home and she erases her parents memories - 'obliviate', and she fades away from all the pictures - is to me the most touching scene in the movie.
The locations where they camp are just so beautiful. They're one of the best things about the movie, all these amazing places captured so beautifully.
The part where Harry and Hermione dance is the sweetest scene ever. Harry is a horrible horrible dancer. But its incredibly beautiful how after Ron leaves he tries to cheer her up and in a lot of parts it looks like they have developed deeper feelings for each other but that is also because they're all alone and have only each other.
Then the locket scene and the kiss was something I was looking forward to watching from when I heard to was there and it was just what you call primitve and animalistic, reminiscent of Adam and Eve.
And the torture scene. Hermione and Bellatrix were both brilliant there, Hermione helpless, screaming with pain and Bellatrix, evil and wild, holding her down.
I also loved the animated narration of the Tale of the Three Brothers.
Also the ending to the first part was really well done.
But Voldemort looks to nice. He's not evil and remorseless enough. Thats what disappointed me.

And otherwise - I'm watching Masterchef Australia and I just love it even though I don't understand the food sometimes. Speaking of which, I had this lovely New York Cheesecake flavour gelato which is nothing like anything I've ever tasted before, it had this beautiful mingling of a slight hint of cheese with a tangy blueberry syrup in a very rich creamy base. Just beautiful food. Since I started watching Masterchef I've gotten into this habit of critiquing food when I eat it, observing flavours and textures and how they go together and trying to explain it. And today's gelato was really worth talking about!

Thats all for now. Off to sleep!


Rohit said...

Harry Potter; The Lord Of the Rings For Dummies. :)

masked4eternity said...

why do i get the feeling that you are big time into cooking?