Sunday, 13 December 2009


So I finally managed to change the template and I guess I'll be changing templates more often, its fun. :). Oh and the cool thing is there's a 'search' option in the blog so you can search the blog for any keywords. Only problem is the font size is pretty small so it might look a bit cramped. But I like it anyway.
And maths is really frustrating the hell out of me, but Taylor expansion isn't as scary as I thought. But successive differentiation is much scarier than I thought. Phew.
I think I like blogging better than social interview on Facebook. Some of the questions are really lame, like 'what would so-and-so do if you tickled them?' and 'what would you do if so-and-so threw a water balloon at you?' and all that. Blah. 
I like winter. Its lovely to snuggle under the quilt and get your feet warm. And also it offers more opportunities to dress creatively. Like layers and hats and scarves and all that. Nice.
I've survived four days without coffee. There isn't any more coffee powder in the house. Tomorrow's a sunday and hopefully some shopping will get done so I wont have to struggle for existence. No really, I hate it when I badly want coffee in the evening and there isn't any and I have to make do with tea. I mean there's only so much tea you can drink. Ugh.
I swear I'm going to throw a party after 2nd year to celebrate the fact that I don't have to study math anymore. But thats a long time off. :(
I realized its been almost 3 years of my blog. Yay :).


Delta said...

Lol Love d heading..rilli nyc post. :)

Krishno said...

yes... I <3 the title :D