Wednesday, 16 December 2009

More Yay!

Okay so I decided white is more my thing, black wasn't suiting me so I ended up changing templates again and I'm using one of blogger's default ones just tweaked around a bit to suit the Purlpe Cauldron. :). I love it. I'll keep it this way for a while atleast!
And yes I am so going to flunk maths. One day to doomsday. God Help me.
An yes I'm writing pretty regularly.
And the coffee is back. And I have tons of chocolate, like boxes of chunks of home made chocolates baba brought from Kodaikanal so I'll survive for a while. They have cocoa farms there. I'd love to own a cocoa farm and have a chocolate factory :).
Oh no I'm talking about chocolate again. I mean I shouldn't be doing that. For certain reasons.
[Okay Mr.Coffee I'm really sorry you know, I couldn't resist and I seriously didn't mean to - well you know the rest.] :P
But I just hope moody posts dont look chirpy because of the chirpy layout.
I mean I still write moody broody serious things. So please take me seriously when I write broody serious things. Well, easy to say that now coz I'm not writing anything serious or broody but hell whatever!
Okay I guess that's it for now(I mean its not really it but I have to say goodbye before I write too much nonsense and I need to sleep anyway).
Cheerio! :)


‡♥Jet♥‡ said...
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‡♥Jet♥‡ said...

you know if you go to or, they have tons of templates. and if you don't know how to work with html and tweak it you can pick one, send it to my email, and I'll do it for you to your liking...send it back to you and you can copy and paste it. :) just look through them. :) i did mine. :)

Krishno said...

hmmmm.....owning a chocolate factory will be GREAT (pun intended) you know
;-) but yes I love this template of suits u, peaceful and the picture is really noice.. and :P :P :P ];-) these are for certain reasonz :P :P