Monday, 6 July 2009


College has begun and I'm in St.Xaviers with chemistry. Its not amazingly exciting yet and to be truthful I'm not really in love with the place. I dont really mind it though. But its terribly boring sometimes. I hardly know anyone in my department but the others seem to have friends already. I also have a cold and I've been having two cups of lemon tea for lunch from the canteen for the past 3 days. The library is really awesome, its one of the best libraries I've ever seen. There are shelves and shelves of books on every subject and its a very modern looking library - it has a second floor as weel and the walls are painted a very cheery yellow.

I've liked most of my chemistry classes till now, especially the organic. We've been taught by 5 professors till now - 2 inorganic, 2 organic and one physical. I thought inorganic would be terrible to start off with, but we ended up doing atomic structure and bonding which are pretty nice. Math and physics classes till now weren't too great. Physics was boring cuz it was all a repitition of stuff we'd already done(and it isn't exactly my favourite subject anyway) and math I either didnt really understand[complex numbers! x-( ] or it was too boring for me to stay awake[she lectured us on the number system as an 'introduction' to differential calculus. :'( ].

Anyway, I guess this is the most boring blog post I've ever written. Sheesh. I just hope I manage to get rid of this cold! :-(.
Bye for now!


Vimal said...

welcome back! good to see signs of life!

Clezevra said...

Whether we need it or not, we definitely don't get any education. But that's just me hoping to get into college next year.

Tiger Lily said...

hmm...its not easy. atleast not the first few days....but then u get used to it.
i had ju. so i got to like it pretty fast. there was loads to see and move around. but i still miss school. shit loads.
have fun.
and congratulations.

The Pope said...