Friday, 6 February 2009

Last 'last'.

We had to go back to school for our papers. It somehow felt so surreal walking those corridors, sitting in class. All the old stuff all over again. And you know, it was too weird coming back to a life I believed I had left behind. It was a strange feeling reliving moments I had bid a grand farewell to. It just wasn't right somehow. People were overjoyed, coming back again but to me, it was like going back in time, to something I didn't really want to go back to, not because I didn't like it but because it just didn't feel right that way. I remember something Anushka had said at our last assembly: there is a time and place for everything, and even if somehow we could stretch the days, it wouldn't be right. It was all so Deja vu.
Hyper little Sushi taking attendance and jumping about squealing at the top of her lungs, PDG and her dreary lectures, chem teacher and her wrongly overemphasized syllables, Dr.De and everything about her, Parvathy and the feasts and round-table-gossip conferences in her class while she taught a scattered few. Ishani's enormous computer project with algorithms written in a last minute frenzy using my only black pen(the only pen I had actually! :P), Ruvlina's tiffin, Lydia's madness..
It's hard to believe we dont even have a month left for exams to begin. Today, it sank in that school is really over. Today was the last of everything. The last 'last'.

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Tiger Lily said...

yea....i know wat u mean....i was there....last year....the same feeling....its just begun.
u know...everytime..we lukd for xcuses to cum bak....everytime it was like the last this and the last that. from last sports, to last class photograph to last assembly to last day of classes to last day of boards to the last day of the just goes on.....and once ur in college its like woah! many last thingy's!!!!