Saturday, 2 February 2008


So, to the great happiness of Neo the great hu haz been pestering me to write about the TTIS fest, I am doing so. (sorry for the crappy english, I'm listening to Nymphetamine for the 9th time today and i'm addicted to the song).

So TTIS iz suppozed to be the biggest school fest in Kolkata. It waz less crowded than I thought though - the way they were advertising it i thought half the city would turn up and we wouldn't even have place to stand, but thankfully it wazn't and we got ample place to stand, sit, scream, dance like tribalz(or whatever those people did after winning), do the train dance and kick people
whenever it waz deemed necessary. ;)

Jokez apart...
I guess I should now start writing about the performances. Rather a particular performance by a certain school. Or rather a certain performance by a certian person. A certain person who happenz to be undoubtedly one of the best bassistz in the place. A bassist who iz at the moment reading this and smiling like this - :o)

So anyway...I turned up a bit late so i missed the first 3 or 4 performances. DBPC waz 2nd and they played PSP 12. Excellent bassing, excellent guitaring, excellent vocalz, excellent drumming...Heil Slappy. :) What more can I say?
And then after they won they did the train dance around the whole place. Oh, and this guy from CBS had a really ugly yellow guitar. YELLOW. They played Sweet Child Of mine...not too bad. but they took hourz setting up so they lost pointz for that.

But that day we really did have a lot of fun. :)

[Slappy i hope ur happy now coz i cant write any more].


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Ricardo Bolstein said...

AAh excuse me i appreciate your likes nad dislikes but it so happens that that particualr yellow bass' circuitry is my habdi i was like a bit hurt when i read it being called an ugly YELLOW much are u into the psychedelia or the flower power generation??