Thursday, 14 February 2008


What I did on Valentinez day:
I went to school where there were 22 people absent in my class out of 38. 23 if you include the class teacher.
Listening to all my friendz talk about their boyfriendz/girlfriendz and what they did and what giftz they're buying each other, etc. And going green with envy. A certain person haz a mega rich borfriendz who buyz her really cool but relatively uzeless stuff. :P
Drinking coffee while staring at my chemiztry textbook. (More drinking and less staring at the book).
Studying a chapter of which I've forgotten everything.
Listening to sad songz. :(
And Dare you to move by Switchfoot and Burn it down by Alter Bridge...and Nymphetamine :)
And My Immortal. :(
Finishing 'One' by Richard Bach. WIERD book but quite nice actually.
Well I better get back to my bookz. My examz start next week. :(

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