Tuesday, 2 June 2015


Stormy evenings are all the same.
Thunder and rain. Today, and seven, eight, nine years ago.
Here, or back home on the other side of the planet.

I wonder what happened to all the people I knew.
Those friends I texted all night on 11 Rupee SMS packs.
The best-friend-turned-girlfriend love stories I found so cute.
Dreaming of doing something great.
Becoming musicians and gypsies.
I guess you grow out of things mostly.

Rains were dark music and dreams.
What I was and what I wanted to be.
Wishing I smart like him, confident like her, fearless like her.

So many years later, so far away, the rain brings back the old dreams.
The people I looked up to, and wanted to be like, I wonder how they are now.
I see now that couldn't be like them.
But I don't need to anymore.
Because I am better than the random bits and pieces I wanted to put together.

I guess they have become who they wanted to be too.
I wonder who they are now.

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