Saturday, 21 April 2012

Train of thought.

We spend too much time and energy trying to figure out whats going on and what we feel rather than experience it for what it is. Many things cant be described or explained, and we should accept that as the norm than worry about it. But the way we have grown up in this world, that's easier said than done.

What if we didn't have language? What would we have done then? We wouldn't be able to label and fit everything we feel and experience into specific categories. And life would actually be simpler that way. The range of our capability to think and feel far surpasses the limitations of language.

Sometimes we need to let go, follow our instincts, be spontaneous. Living as we do, we have mostly lost the ability to know what we want. We don't listen to ourselves anymore. And if we want to - well, this is reality and the simplest of things get complicated. In fact, in trying to simplify, we complicate. Isn't it a lot more complicated trying to find a way to fit something into a mould we are familiar with, even when it doesn't fit? Wouldn't it be simpler to let it be what it is? Our web of beliefs and the social norms we have been brought up in waits to catch us in it sticky threads.

Black is black and white is white, but do we have a name for every shade of grey in between? Do we really even need a name? A name is just a name. It stands for 'something'. Sometimes the 'something' is too complex to name. People, emotions, relationships - are so many shades of grey. So many colours, rather.

But we are afraid. We are afraid of letting go. And in trying to fit ourselves, our thoughts and beliefs into a mold that's already there, we try to suppress who we are. We are afraid of making mistakes. We are afraid of being judged, and more afraid of the way we judge ourselves.

And we are confused. We spend all our lives confused. But there's a joy in that confusion if you get it right. What's life if you know everything and understand everything? Life is beautiful because we don't have to explain everything or understand everything. We should keep it that way.

Watching the stars rise after sunset reminded me how beautiful life is.

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